Xbox’s new voice reporting feature targets racist CoD players

xbox new voice reporting feature targets racist cod players
Credit: Activision Blizzard

xbox new voice reporting feature targets racist cod players
Credit: Activision Blizzard

Xbox players have been dealing toxic trolls on the online space for years. After years of issues, the brand is finally going to let players capture abusive online voices and report trolls.

Unveiled via the company’s official blog, this new voice reporting feature will be available on Series X and S consoles. The feature is designed to make sure the online space is a safe one for gamers, no matter how tense things get.

There doesn’t seem to be any system restriction, as online games from the 360 era are still eligible for reporting. So, even trolls who play older games like Call of Duty 4 or Left 4 Dead won’t be immune to this new method of moderation.

In order to deal with these loud-mouthed trolls, players will be able to “capture now, report later” while playing online. Anyone playing Xbox can still continue playing while the footage is captured so they can report later once the game is done.

Said footage of the abuser is from the last 60 seconds of recording so make sure to capture it right away. Players will have the footage on their Xbox system for 24 hours so they can sit and think about what they should do. Ideally, they report it, but if they don’t think it’s worth it, the footage will disappear after a day.

Whether it’s Halo or Redfall, players shouldn’t have to deal with gamers who lack patience, skill, and basic etiquette. Online gaming is supposed to connect players and it will be easier to do that with this new feature, at least in theory.

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Right now, no release date for the feature has been revealed. However, the feature will be available to Xbox Insiders, who can try it first-hand before it’s released for everyone.

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