Xbox’s Indiana Jones planned to launch on PS5, and Lucasfilm isn’t happy

Xbox’s Indiana Jones planned to launch on PS5, and Lucasfilm isn’t happy

Xbox’s Indiana Jones planned to launch on PS5, and Lucasfilm isn’t happy

Wolfenstein developer MachineGames’ upcoming Indiana Jones video game was originally planned to be a multiplatform release before its acquisition by Xbox parent company Microsoft.

Following Xbox’s acquisition of Zenimax Media, the upcoming Indiana Jones games was turned into an Xbox Series console and PC exclusive. Prior to the acquisition, a PS5 version of the game was being actively planned.

Emails between Bethesda’s Pete Hines and Xbox CEO Phil Spencer, via IGN, show that the scrapping of the game’s multiplatform plans has resulted in issues with IP holders at Lucasfilm. As Bethesda signed for the game to be launched across numerous systems, Lucasfilm isn’t particularly pleased with the title’s Xbox exclusivity.

“I think it is important to highlight that Lucasfilm brought up the issue of platforms because we have a signed agreement with them to develop the game for multiple consoles," the email reads. Hines then explained that Bethesda’s exclusivity agreement on Xbox should be case-by-case to reduce “risk and trying to get a degree of clarity."

Furthermore, Hines explained that Lucasfilm is a more restrictive company than Xbox is used to working with. As such, the upcoming Indiana Jones game will be heavily scrutinised by the IP holder. With this in mind, if Lucasfilm decides the game has to be multiplatform, it will be multiplatform.

“You’re dealing with a licensor who is giving a ton of feedback on what you’re making,“ Hines said. “[They’re] going to add a ton of time to your scheduling, these agreements, you don’t get to take as long as you want, you have a window of time in which you’re going to release a game, you immediately have a clock that’s ticking on you.”

At the time of writing, Xbox’s Indiana Jones game is still an Xbox exclusive for now. Furthermore, the game is going to be a day one release on Xbox Game Pass on console and PC. The game will also launch on Steam.

Lucasfilm has also signed a number of deals for other games based on its IP. Multiple Star Wars games are still in development, including a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and Ubisoft’s upcoming Star Wars Outlaws. Both of these titles are multiplatform releases.

Indiana Jones has no scheduled release date, but it’s expected to launch in late 2024 or early 2025.

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