Xbox's prettiest exclusive jumps to PlayStation 5

xbox-exclusive-sable-playstation-5 - the main character of Sable moving down the hill

xbox-exclusive-sable-playstation-5 - the main character of Sable moving down the hill

Microsoft has seen a number of its Xbox-exclusive games appear on other systems recently. Sable, one of the best-looking games on the Xbox Series X|S, joins that list now the cel-shaded adventure game is coming to PlayStation 5 on November 29.

Apparently, this won’t just be a simple re-release of Sable, as “PlayStation exclusive features” were hyped up by GamesPress. Expect haptic feedback with the PS5 controller, which will add to the game’s already unique atmosphere.

This means that PlayStation gamers may end up having the best version of Xbox’s prettiest exclusive. However, this is nothing new; remember PUBG on Xbox One?

Plenty of Xbox Series games have made their way to PlayStation 4, 5, and even the Nintendo Switch. Before Sable was announced for PS5, another beloved indie made the jump. Studio MDHR’s platformer Cuphead skipped and hopped over to Switch and PlayStation 4.

Fans and critics alike praised the visuals of Sable, with few cel-shaded games matching its gorgeous visuals. However, it did launch with a number of technical issues, with the Xbox One version suffering the most from them. Will these be fixed on PlayStation?

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Beyond those technical issues, Sable is still a relaxing adventure game with incredible visuals that most gamers will likely enjoy. Though not packed to the brim with action, the exploration, gliding, and climbing breathe plenty of life to the title.

With Microsoft buying more game companies like Activision and Bethesda, seeing titles like this on other platforms show they’re willing to share. Don’t expect to see Halo, Gears or Forza on the Switch or anything like that, but smaller games are here to share.

Sable came to Game Pass when it was first released, but PlayStation owners will have to fork out hard-earned cash to play - unless we get a surprise announcement of it being a PS Plus game, that is.

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