Xbox exclusive Redfall demands internet even for single player

xbox exclusive Redfall internet even for single player vampire looking menacing

xbox exclusive Redfall internet even for single player vampire looking menacing

As we move ever closer to a future where streaming games via the internet will be commonplace and we're all connected online 24/7, there are bound to be divisive situations where players scratch their heads at decisions made by their favourite games. Bethesda's Redfall is the latest victim of this, requiring players to always have an internet connection to Bethesda servers, even when you're all on your lonesome.

This information was revealed in a Redfall FAQ written by Bethesda, which reads "a persistent online connection is required for single player and co-op." Having to be online for co-op play is understandable, but many players are taking issue with the fact that it's required even when playing single player for many justified reasons.

"You can still play Arx Fatalis (that was made Arkane Studios 21 years ago) offline," says one Reddit user. "Would you still be able to play Redfall in 2044? Or, will MS gut the servers if the game underperforms?" Game preservation now that we've shifted to digitally gate-kept media is another important factor to consider here.

This decision will affect many Xbox gamers around the world, many of whom don't have the luxury of a stable internet infrastructure. It also flies in the face of Microsoft's accessibility push, which aims to let gamers customise controls to their liking, as well as stream their Game Pass games on all kinds of devices so that they can play however they choose.

The decision to make games always-online is becoming more and more prevalent in the video game industry. With these decisions come many questions that are yet unsolved.

What happens when you buy a game only for its creator to turn the servers off? What if this happens and you've spent lots of hard-earned money on microtransactions? What if you want to enjoy a game but your country has poor internet infrastructure?

In the case of Redfall, we can see lots of players who just wanted to experience the game by themselves, without succumbing to these pitfalls.

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