Xbox Discord is already a reality, but it’s almost unusable

Discord, the gamers' most popular chatroom, is unofficially sort of avaliable on Xbox consoles. With Microsoft's updating the built-in Microsoft Edge browser to that of the new chromium alternative, more and more options are becoming available to users.

Reported by The Verge's Tom Warren, the Xbox Discord anomaly is almost functional on Microsoft's collection of gaming consoles. However, not all is perfect with this method.

How to use Discord on Xbox

While Discord is usable on an Xbox console, it's better to use another device like your phone for the service. At the time of writing, the experience available on Xbox is unsatisfactory at best. However, there is still some use for it.

Currently, Discord on Xbox only allows users to listen to friends talking as the built-in mic input feature for Xbox consoles doesn’t work on Microsoft Edge. However, the new version of this browser is still in its Alpha testing stage.

Hopefully, Xbox gamers will be able to chat with their friends on this service in the near future. After all, it might not be long until an official version of the popular chat app will be on the way.

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What can the Xbox Edge browser do?

Xbox's new version of Microsoft Edge is based on the PC Chromium fork. This makes the web browser a lot functional than the version that launched on the Xbox One.

For starters, the new Edge browser has access to multiple features that the old version couldn't dream of. There’s support for browser store extensions, vertical tabs and generally better support for internet activities.

Impressively, this new browser can also run games and video game streaming services such as Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce Now. The Xbox console ecosystem should even have access to Xbox Cloud Gaming when that comes to browsers.

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