Is Xbox Cloud Gaming Down Today, 4/9 2024? Status Update

xbox cloud gaming down today 4/9 2024 status explained
Credit: Xbox

xbox cloud gaming down today 4/9 2024 status explained
Credit: Xbox


  • Xbox Cloud Gaming is down today
  • Xbox Support is working on solving this issue
  • No timetable for its return has been revealed

Xbox Cloud Gaming has been a fundamental aspect of the company’s brand for a while now, allowing users to access their games on console, PC, and smartphones. Unfortunately, this feature appears to be down, as Microsoft has acknowledged the issue and is finding a way to fix the problem.

On the official Twitter page of Xbox Support, the devs confirmed that there are some issues with xCloud gaming sessions right now. At the time of writing, support has said that they are now investigating the issue and are hoping to fix it.

Despite the company’s reassurance, there is currently no timetable on when Xbox Cloud Gaming will go back to normal. Until the company releases an update on when this will be fixed, it seems that fans are in for some waiting.

Those who have an Xbox Series console or Game Pass Ultimate shouldn’t have too much of an issue with this problem. Playing Xbox games on a Series console or PC is pretty good, depending on how powerful the game is, of course.

Gamers who are using Xbox Cloud Gaming to stream more high-end games on Xbox One or smartphones will be disappointed, as they wait for an update. This has always been the major risk of cloud gaming, as various internet-related issues are hard to predict and frustrating to go through. Fans of the xCloud will have to wait for an update from Xbox Support to know when this is going to be fixed.

While gamers tend to dunk on cloud gaming, especially when compared to natively playing games, it still plays an important part in this medium. Sometimes, players can’t afford the newest consoles, so being able to stream the more high-end games through xCloud on phones is a huge deal. Microsoft themselves are fully supporting cloud gaming, releasing several improvements to make it better for everyone.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is down and only the team at Xbox Support knows when it will be fixed.

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