WTF - Minecraft movie casts Aquaman star Jason Momoa

Aquaman star Jason momoa on a Minecraft movie background

Aquaman star Jason momoa on a Minecraft movie background

In what feels like a late April Fools, Aquaman actor Jason Momoa has been cast for a live-action Minecraft movie. Developed by Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures, the video game adaptation movie is scheduled to release in the next few years.

Helmed by Napoleon Dynamite creator Jared Hess, the Minecraft movie is a live-action take on Mojang’s survival game phenomenon. Ness was also responsible for 2006 Jack Black comedy Nacho Libre.

Announced back in 2014, the live-action Minecraft movie has been in development for almost a decade. Multiple versions of the film have been worked on, including a version by Always Sunny’s Rob McElhenney, but none have released.

The casting of Jason Momoa is still the only solid detail know about the upcoming movie adaptation. At the time of writing, no one else has been cast in the project, and the movie has finished yet another rewrite.

Warner Bros’ upcoming movie comes after a huge resurgence of video game adaptations. Following the critical success of Paramount’s Sonic the Hedgehog and Legendary’s Detective Pikachu, more studios are investing in bringing video game franchises to the big screen.

Alongside the just-released Super Mario Bros movie, a number of other projects are in the works. For example, a Street Fighter film and a new Silent Hill movie are currently in development.

Nevertheless, a live-action adaptation of Minecraft doesn’t entirely make sense for millions of the game’s fans. While many would be fine with an animated movie based on the series, the film’s realistic nature is certainly off-putting.

Warner Bros’ live-action Minecraft movie has a long road ahead of it, and it also has a lot to prove. Will a live-action portrayal of Mojang’s block-based survival game be any good? Or is it cursed to the bargain bin like so many other video game flicks?

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