Windows 10 speed run record installs the OS just under 110 seconds

There's nothing like spending a couple of hours building your PC and then spending ages installing Windows. It can certainly feel like a boring moment after managing cables, carefully installing different parts into the motherboard or the like. However, this speed run takes the process down to a mere 105 seconds, or one minute and forty five seconds.

After installing one of the best graphics cards into your DIY PC build and getting ready to install Windows, you'll likely be going straight into Windows 11. However, that doesn't make this speed run any less incredible, as no one likes waiting for Windows to install, even on the best SSDs out there.

Spotted by the great team at Tom's Hardware, the developer of Tiny10 (a lightweight version of the Windows 10 operating system) created a modified version of an older Tiny10 installation. NTDev, the developer, shared their footage of the speed run on YouTube, giving you the intensity of seeing Windows 10 installed by the time you've made a cup of tea.

Of course, this isn't a pure Windows 10 installation speed run. The Tiny10 version of the operating system is already smaller than the standard Windows 10, and this modified installation of a three-year-old version makes it even easier to modify for perfection. However, it's incredible nonetheless, considering how a typical installation can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour.

Considering there's a lot of rules and requirements in standard game speed running circles, if Windows installation became a trend in the community, it would likely be standardised across the board. That being said, we think it's pretty exciting to watch, even if it isn't counted in future OS installation record books.

Interestingly, NTDev also released a speed run of Windows 11 installing in, a less exciting but still amazing, just under three minutes. Hopefully, over time, NTDev can make the Tiny11 build even more impressive. And we imagine they will. Maybe by removing Windows 11's Copilot, hopefully.

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