William Shatner will be the oldest man in space on October 12th

Star Trek actor and infamous Rocketman singer William Shatner is officially going to space. After many decades of being a fictional icon for space travel enthusiasts, the sci-fi hero is blasting off into space.

Of course, Shatner's space trip is entirely a PR stunt. Riding on a rocket designed by Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, the stunt will be a fantastic moment for the company. However, will it be enough to bring Blue Origin in line with Musk's SpaceX?

William Shatner will finally be a Rocketman

After last week’s leak, Blue Origin finally confirmed that the Star Trek actor will be going into space. Shatner will be a guest hosted by the rocketship’s crew as well as Vice President of Mission & Flight Operations Audrey Powers.

Blue Origin didn't confirm if this flight would be included as part of a documentary. Last week’s leak claimed that Shatner’s space trip would be filmed for an upcoming documentary. However, it didn't state if it would be for the actor or the space company.

It’s worth stating that the trip won't be as impressive as SpaceX’s Inspiration4 trip. SpaceX’s recent trip saw passengers spend days in space. In comparison, this 15-minute journey is fairly uneventful. However, it will be record breaking. William Shatner will be marked as the oldest man in space at 90 years old. He'll go to space on October 12th.

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Blue Origin’s misdoings

Blue Origin’s high-profile space stunt comes after the release of a damming report on the space company. In the report, Blue Origin is described as a toxic workplace rife with sexism and employee harassment. The report claims projects have to be built quickly and cheaply. Most employees are said to be scared of boarding a Blue Origin rocket.

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