William Shatner admits he’s “scared” of going to space in Blue Origin's rocket

Later today, the actor behind Star Trek's iconic Captain Kirk will be boldly going into space. Aboard Blue Origin's New Shepard NS-18 rocket, 90-year-old actor William Shatner will soon become the oldest man in space.

55 years after Shatner first commanded the fictional USS Enterprise, he’ll finally see the stars for real. However, that realisation is bringing out a barrage of feelings from one of sci-fi's biggest heroes.

William Shatner is terrified of space

Reported by the New York Post, the Star Trek actor spilled his feelings during a New York Comic Con panel last week. Among an advertisement for his new album, Bill, the actor vented about the vast unknowns in our universe.

Afterwards, the actor turned his focus towards his upcoming trip into space. “I’m going up in space,” he exclaimed. The actor’s thoughts immediately turned back to the beauty of the world, saying: Everything is magical, what kind of a world? We’ve got to focus on that. The end is coming, I’ll be gone. Take care of it!” 

According to the post, Shatner then nosedive into an emotional ramble about his age. At 90-years-old, the actor will be the oldest man in space, but that's not what he wants to be known for. In a seemingly confused state, the actor said:

“I’m going up. I’m scared. Captain Kirk going . . . where? Where am I going?”. After an audience member reminded him by shouting “space”, the actor returned to his monologue.
“They said, ‘All right, how would you like to go up? You’ll be the oldest guy in space,’” the actor reportedly said. “I don’t want to be known as the oldest guy. I’m bloody Captain Kirk!”

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We need to look after Earth

After his emotional ramble, William Shatner reportedly talked about the havoc humans are having on the planet. Instead of focusing on space, the actor believes we should instead be focusing on the Earth we live on.

He shouted: “We’re vomiting and puking on [the Earth], and s – – tting on it. We’ve got to stop folks; we’ve really got to stop”. The actor ended his speech genuinely. “I really am scared,” he told fans.

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