Will OnePlus 9 chargers be included in the box? Yes.

OnePlus 9 Series smartphones will launch with a free charger in their retail packaging. Following their long-running trend of being a trustworthy phone brand, OnePlus won't be following the likes of Apple and Samsung with this new release.

In a post on the official OnePlus forums, CEO Pete Lau told fans not to worry about charging the device. "We have the charger inside the box," Lau wrote.

What's special about OnePlus 9 charging?

OnePlus phones have famously benefited from increased charging speeds when compared to their competitors. The brand's iconic Warp Charge has long been used as a key selling point for the company.

The OnePlus 9 series is rumoured to include 45W wireless fast charging and 65W wired charging. Subsequent rumours claim the device could feature reverse wireless charging like the Google Pixel 5 or Samsung Galaxy S20.

With OnePlus' charging speeds consistently being a key focus for the brand, the lack of a charger in the box would be a bizarre exclusion.

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A leaked image of the back and front of the OnePlus 9

But why is this a surprise?

Removing chargers from hardware releases is a recent development in the smartphone industry. The first mainstream device to launch without an included charger was the New Nintendo 3DS XL. However, it appears the Apple has, once again, started an unsightly trend.

Just like the removal of the headphone jack, Apple's removal of the charger for iPhone 12 phones was initially ridiculed. In spite of this, Samsung also removed the charger from the Galaxy S21 just a few months later.

Apple's reasoning behind the removal of their chargers is pegged solely as an environmental safeguard. With most customers already owning a USB charging brick, why should they keep providing them? There has yet to be a public study on the environmental impact of charging bricks.

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