Wi-Fi on The Moon will be real in the next two years

As the modern Space Age continues to push humanity further into the cosmos, NASA is sending humans to The Moon for the first time since 1972. However, in order to keep the new astronauts entertained on the desolate rock, one company has idea: Moon Wi-Fi.

Aquarian Space is working on Moon Wi-Fi

Reported by MSN, space startup Aquarian Space is going to work on getting Internet working on The Moon. As part of the company's SOLNET Satellite Relay Network, Aquarian hopes to get the technology working on The Moon within the next two years.

Aquarian Space announced that it has received an investment of $650,000 to be used towards the project. This money will go towards creating a fully functioning broadband link between Earth and The Moon.

SOLNET will launch its first Moon Internet satellite in 2024. Afterwards, in 2025, the space startup will launch another satellite to cover the South Pole of The Moon. At the time of writing, the company has not explained which satellites it will be using or what speeds it hopes to achieve.

The project aims to be the first step towards bringing Wi-Fi to the entire solar system. For example, over the next decade, Aquarian Space can extend its service to other planets. When SpaceX finally sends humans to Mars in the 2030s, Aquarian could also establish Internet on the red planet. However, SpaceX will probably force astronauts to use its own Starlink satellite Internet.

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Internet for everyone off-world

Aquarian Space’s solar system Internet is not only a fascinating technology, but it’s also becoming an essential one. As humanity creates everything from space hotels to space movie studios, the need for working, fast Internet is massive.

Additionally, plans are being worked on to create actual space colonies near Earth. Billionaires like Jeff Bezos have already explained wishes for humanity to live in the stars whilst turning Earth into a vacation resort for the rich.

SOLNET’s Moon Wi-Fi will be a fantastic invention for the future. After all, if anyone is going to live in a lunar colony, they're going to want to create some Tiktoks!

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