SSD price increases likely due to high demand, according to Western Digital

Samsung 990EVO SSD in a press image
Credit: Samsung

Samsung 990EVO SSD in a press image
Credit: Samsung


  • According to a letter from Western Digital sent to partners, SSD prices are likely to increase due to high demand
  • The letter, written by Scott Davis, SVP of Channel and Regional OEM Sales, warns of demand and supply constraints
  • If you’re looking to purchase an SSD, you should do so now before the prices increase further

In the last few years, SSDs have become much more prevalent. Back in the early 2010s, the storage was expensive - a luxury, as opposed to a necessity, but times have changed. However, SSD prices have been steadily increasing again, and a large manufacturer suggests it's going to get worse.

If you've been looking to pick up some of the best SSDs for your new PC build or to upgrade your storage, you may have noticed that the pool of the best SSD deals has... somewhat dried up. This isn't due to some manufacturers waiting for the perfect moment, such as the holidays. Instead, it's due to a high demand leading to shortages across the board.

According to Technews.TW (via Tom's Hardware), Western Digital has sent an official letter to its partners, warning of high demand which may lead to shortages. Not only that, but the recent Taiwan Earthquake has lead to further supply chain issues, alongside issues affecting the entire electronics industry.

A letter from Western Digital warning partners of potential SSD price increases due to high demand
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Credit: Technews.TW
A letter written by Scott Davis of Western Digital

The letter, which was sent by Scott Davis, SVP of Channel and Regional OEM Sales for Western Digital, was intended for business partners, and was unlikely meant for consumers to see. However, it gives you a good chance to grab that SSD you've been putting off for months now.

Picking up one of the best NVME SSDs should be a priority right now. According to Technews sources, HDDs are expected to go up as much as 10%, with at least a 5% increase at minimum. SSDs don't have a price increase estimate, but we expect them to have a similar rise.

Many games outright require an SSD now to play, so getting one with larger storage has become less of a luxury over time, and something you actively need. With these price increases, this is likely the best time to purchase a new SSD before you're forced to spend even more. Don't say we didn't warn you.

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