Weird Starfield mods add sharting, annoying oranges and Nic Cage

Weird Starfield mods showing a Nic Cage flashlight and sharted nightware

Weird Starfield mods showing a Nic Cage flashlight and sharted nightware

Following in the footsteps of Elder Scrolls and Fallout, Bethesda Game Studios’ Starfield has immediately been targeted by kooky modders adding some truly weird Starfield mods. Just days after release, these Starfield mods have already become really weird.

While not the best Starfield mods around, these mods have truly rattled our brains. We’ve already discussed the Phil Spencer flashlight mod to guide you through the cosmos, but these mods are even weirder.

For example, modder Ronaldmoon has created the first instance of sharting in Bethesda’s sci-fi adventure. With the “Sharted Nightwear” mod, you can now walk around New Atlantis with a freshly-dookied onesie. It currently has 14 unique downloads on Nexus Mods.

3 Banned Weapons Too Brutal For War is another weird Starfield mod currently available on NexusMods. Created by Bub200, this mod replaces three weapon meshes with weapons that are more brutal than anything found in Starfield’s Colony War.

In the mod, the Rescue Axe is replaced with a Wizard’s Stick, the Barrow Knife is replaced with an Octopus Plushie and the Cutlass is replaced by a big spoon. At the time of writing, the mod has 24 unique downloads.

Starfield 3 weapons banned mod featuring a created character using a spoon as a weapon
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Next up is the recent Annoying Orange mod by Beathustler. Called “Hey Orange - Novelty Writing”, the mod replaces all of the game’s highly detailed oranges with the early YouTube icon — that’s somehow still going — with the iconic Annoying Orange. For some reason, it has two downloads.

Finally, the truly weird and iconic Hollywood actor Nic Cage has made his debut in the sci-fi RPG. If you’ve missed the National Treasure, Ghost Rider, Con-Air, Mandy and The Flash star as you’ve traversed the wonders of the cosmos, here’s finally here.

Like a colour out of space, the Nicolas Cage Flashlight Mod by Brandoman replaces the in-game flashlight with a beaming image of the actor so he can light your way through the game’s dark caves. It’s truly a sight to behold.

The weirdest Starfield mods are yet to come, but modders are already creating some weird experiences in the just-released game. If you need that little something extra, these mods are for you.

Starfield is currently available on PC and console, but the latter platform isn’t really to receive mods. Instead, we’ll have to wait until Creation Club support comes to the game, likely next year.

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