WATCH: Atari Hotels reveal stunning concept-art GIF for retro gaming holiday destinations

Here’s something you didn’t expect to read to round off this week; Atari are planning hotels.

We’ve all seen ‘experience’ hotels, places such as Alton Towers and DisneyLand offer many types of these in their theme parks.

But there has never been a hotel primarily based on video games, but that’s set to change due to a partnership with Atari and GSD Group.

Read on to find out where you could be staying in the next few years with your family.

Atari at the Inn

In a press release, agency group GSD Group announced that they have hired design firm Gensler with a mission to design a variety of ‘Atari Hotels’, with an aim to release two of these in the next two years.

The aim is two open in Las Vegas, Nevada and Phoenix, Arizona. The group first announced this in January as they had obtained an exclusive licensing agreement with Atari, and this is apparently the start of this relationship.

Shelly Murphy, Managing partner of GSD Group, said, "From our virtual interactive world to the physical locations, every element of Atari Hotels will offer a unique and authentic experience for everyone."

It's not a full video, but this colourful GIF gives us a strong idea fo what this hotel will look like...

Hopefully this comes to Flight Simulator 2020 soon.
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Hopefully this comes to Flight Simulator 2020 soon.

With an eye-popping design, as this concept art shows in the city of Seattle, it definitely reflects the Atari logo and colours.

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No Room at The Inn Just Yet

They also have plans to expand the hotels into other cities such as Seattle, San Jose, San Francisco, Denver, Austin, Chicago in the coming years.

But the press release has a focus on Las Vegas, so expect that to be the main hotel when it’s built very soon.

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The inside once you check your bags in at Pong Reception.

There is no tentative release date for the opening of the first Atari Hotel, but there are plenty of people nostalgic for the Atari days, so there’s definitely a strong market for this experience.

They only have an Instagram account for the moment, but are planning to fully unveil their website very soon.

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