Warzone 2 DMZ's pay to win bundles are infuriating players

Warzone 2 players angry about DMZ pay to win bundles soldier checking phone

Warzone 2 players angry about DMZ pay to win bundles soldier checking phone

Do you feel lucky, boy? You don't? Well then, just pay to win that game! Newly introduced bundles in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ are allowing players to pay their way to the finish line, and fans are rightfully angry.

CoD studio Infinity Ward launched the new Bomb Squad bundles in the Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 store. The bundles offer certain DMZ players an advantage, even though it is not quite clear at first by its description. At first, the bundle just seems to offer pretty average skins and slots.

The Bomb Squad bundle contains:

  • EOD Specialist operator skin
  • DMZ Active Duty Slot
  • Boom Proof Sakin MG38 weapon blueprint
  • Concussive Conclusion weapon sticker
  • Which Wire? Emblem

But upon closer inspection, is pretty clear why gamers are worried. In Season 3 of DMZ, players are given access to three Active duty slots which keep track of the exfiltration streak. Clearly, the higher the streak, the better rewards one will get. The bundle just gives the player an extra fourth slot, thus allowing access to more rewards and perks.

Furthermore, the skin and blueprint include DMZ specific perks: the skin gives players a free medium backpack in every mission, the blueprint has a unique 15-minute cooldown perk.

This means that by equipping the blueprint, you have to wait only 15 minutes, instead of the usual couple of hours for all the other weapons before you can equip it again. By offering bundle-exclusive perks to players - since none of the skins or blueprints are available elsewhere - it seems easy to see why players are worried that this is a pay-to-win bundle.

While players can feel relieved that these bundles are not targeting Modern Warfare 2 matches, still the direction in which Infinity Ward is headed has many fans of the series worried. Will the future of the Warzone and Modern Warfare series only be about paying to be able to take back home that virtual victory?

Who knows, but your wallet better be ready.

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