Warhammer Plus subscription service coming to iOS, Android and Smart TVs

Gaming's favourite tabletop title is jumping into streaming with Warhammer Plus. Designed entirely for existing fans both Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar, the service will deliver loads of original content based on the IP.

For a small price of just $5.99 a month/$59.99 a year, the streaming service plans to offer a massive selection of content. With that said, it definitely appears that the device won't entice those who aren’t already fans of the IP.

What platforms is Warhammer Plus on?

Warhammer Plus is available on a wealth of devices. However, Games Workshop is making the experience just a tad bit complicated, just like the tabletop game!

On Android and iOS, the service will be spread across multiple applications. On the other hand, the service will also be a available on a variety of smart TV devices. As of now, Games Workshop has plans to launch on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku.

What content will launch on the service?

The Warhammer Plus subscription service aims to give fans a large library of Warhammer related content. For starters, fans will receive every 2020 issue of the White Dwarf magazine, alongside older back issues.

Furthermore, the service will focus on providing advanced painting tutorials, battle reports and hobby shows. The prize offer on show is a new animated shows Angels of Death, Hammer and Bolter and in-universe documentaries.

Finally, subscribers will have access to Warhammer 40K on Android or iOS. There's also an Age of Sigmar app in development, but that won't be available at launch.

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Free miniature for annual subscribers

After subscribing to the subscription service for 12 months, fans will receive a free miniature. There’s two choices of free miniatures: the big angry Fantasy Orc or a Vindicare Sniper perched on a destroyed statue. They're pretty damn swanky.

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