Warframe cross-saves are rolling out, but be very careful when using them

Three Tenno looking at the camera in a landscape shot of the sci-fi background

Cross-save functionality is finally rolling out for Digital Extreme’s popular free-to-play game Warframe. However, the future isn’t exactly as polished as you’d hope at the time of writing.

Over 100,000 Warframe players are currently able to use the new cross-save feature. However, Digital Extremes has paused the feature’s rollout to fix some glaring issues surrounding saving.

As Warframe cross saves are unfortunately rather buggy right now, a number of hot fixes are coming for the feature. In fact, Digital Extremes has already started to release patches to combat the save system’s issues. This means that we could see the mechanic become open for everyone sometime very soon.

The cross save system will finally consolidate the PC and console versions of the free to play action game. This has been a long requested feature as players became annoyed by having to restart on new platforms instead of carrying content over.

Digital Extremes’ cross save is still scheduled to come to all players later this month. In fact, the feature could be rolled out to everyone by the end of next week, if the planned hotfixes actually resolve the current issues.

Since its release in 2013, Warframe has seen countless massive updates that have massively changed the game. Over ten years since its Early Access release, the hack and slash sci-fi adventure is almost completely different from its earlier incarnations with open worlds, overhauled combat, and more.

Digital Extremes’ work on fulfilling fans’ dreams for features such as cross save should be celebrated, even if the feature’s launch is currently mired by technical issues. When the feature is eventually reinstated with the proper fixes, it’ll be yet another win for Warframe.

Warframe is currently available as a free to play game on Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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