This VR horror game gives us the Steamboat Willies, and it releases very soon

HappyFunland advert on a TV in the VR horror game
Credit: Spectral Illusions

HappyFunland advert on a TV in the VR horror game
Credit: Spectral Illusions

Remember those happy memories of going to theme parks as a child, seeing the various mascots dressed up and delighted to see everyone. There were hundreds of rides as far as the eyes could see, and everything was ridiculously fun. Well, HappyFunland is taking that idea, putting it into a blender, and murdering your blissful memories in favour of a potentially terrifying VR horror experience.

Developed by Spectral Illusions and published by Perpetual Entertainment, HappyFunland aims to take those wearing the best VR headsets to an abandoned theme park, bringing a mix of horror and dark comedy to the leftover shells of your childhood memories.

Aiming to be one of the best PCVR games when it releases, you'll have to ride various HappyFunland park rides, visit the ghastly Grisly Manor attraction, and more during your visit. And, fortunately, an abandoned park means there's no lines at all! So, there's some pros to visiting a haunted horrifying theme part.

There's not just theme park rides and attractions to visit though. HappyFunland will also feature a variety of puzzles to complete, as well as combat to help fight against the various horrors found past the desolate gates of the park, if you're hoping to defend against the Five Nights at Freddy's-like machines left behind.

The Steam page for the game warns that some users may experience motion sickness when the HappyFunland release date arrives on March 22, 2024. However, if you're one of the few with a PSVR 2 headset, you can also purchase the game on the PlayStation Store too.

The game is set to launch at the price of $30, and currently has a PEGI 18 rating in the UK, according to RoadtoVR. So, it's safe to say this isn't what your childhood experiences looked like. You may want to book a visit to Disneyland after playing this game, if you're hoping to cleanse these nightmares away.

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