Vox Media Works With the Enemy as ChatGPT Partnership Announced

The logo for Vox Media in front of a purple background with a ChatGPT logo underneat
Credit: Vox Media / OpenAI

The logo for Vox Media in front of a purple background with a ChatGPT logo underneat
Credit: Vox Media / OpenAI

The media industry is currently facing significant challenges, with Google traffic looking dismal for many medium and small sites, and growing concerns that AI could put many entertainment outlets out of business. Amidst this, it's surprising that Vox Media is collaborating with OpenAI.

OpenAI's ChatGPT 4.o is one of the leading AI chatbots on the market, but many people are apprehensive about the rise of artificial intelligence. For instance, Reddit's partnership with Google AI has raised concerns about using user data and history, resulting in Google's AI occasionally producing bizarre and unhelpful outputs, such as advising people to engage in harmful behaviors.

The journalism industry is particularly suffering. Google's algorithm has been favoring Reddit, negatively impacting search results for many media outlets and sometimes causing them to shut down. The situation has become so dire that Google has introduced a "Web-only" filter reminiscent of 2005 to cut out unnecessary features.

Despite the widespread struggles of many outlets in the face of the AI revolution, Vox Media is taking a different stance. Instead of supporting smaller outlets and the broader journalism industry, Vox Media is partnering with OpenAI. The media company promises to "enhance the output of OpenAI’s ChatGPT" and plans to leverage OpenAI’s technology to develop products aimed at better serving its audiences and advertisers.

Vox Media owns several prominent outlets, including The Verge, Polygon, and Vox. As part of the partnership, Vox Media asserts that "ChatGPT and future products will draw upon the trusted journalism and expertise of Vox Media’s award-winning media properties." This initiative could include using OpenAI's Sora, a video generation tool powered by AI.

Many media outlets are currently making difficult decisions, including laying off staff or shutting down entirely. Given Google's AI uses content from the sites it suppresses, the partnership between Vox Media and OpenAI may seem like a troubling move in this challenging environment.

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