Very Sad Cryptobros are spending millions on NFT girlfriends

When things get really sad, fake girlfriends are involved. Whether it’s a girlfriend from another school so you definitely won't know them or a Runescape girlfriend you're paying monthly for, it's sad all the same. However, none are as sad as a Cryptobro's NFT girlfriend.

Reported by Vice, a new range of NFTs are selling cryptobros new girlfriends. Of course, they're not real girlfriends, they're a range of art digital photo portraits of varying quality. Just like all NFTs, they sell for far too much.

NFT girlfriends are the hot commodity for sad cryptobros

Created as the Bull Market Girlfriends NFT collection, each planet-destroying JPEG is a “genre” of girlfriend. For example, one NFT is a “Good Girl Girlfriend” while another is an “Alien girlfriend”. Additionally, the majority of the fake girlfriend JPEGs are based on real women.

At the time of writing, the project has made $1,424,000 in Ethereum. Following the success of the project, multiple celebrities have started to piggyback off the trend. For example, early-to-mid noughties actress Lindsay Lohan joined in on the project.

Back in September, Lohan announced a Bull Market Girlfriends NFT based on her. The image sold for 15.2354 Ethereum, the equivalent of over $65,000 dollars. Lohan is not new to NFTs, the once-famous actress is attempting to sell an NFT of her “fursona”.

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Why is it successful?

There's no real reason why the girlfriend NFTs are so popular. However, it's likely due to the incredibly niche idea of non-fungible tokens in general. Favoured by rich cryptobros with far too much disposable income, the idea of owning something no one else can, even if anyone can save that image and post it everywhere, is too tantalising for them.

As Bull Market Girlfriends creator Kristina K explains, selling the art traditionally “would've taken decades to build a similar audience”. However, just like a 12-year-old’s scribblings, being an NFT inherently adds value to a very specific group of people. And those people probably want a girlfriend.

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