Vampire: The Masquerade - Justice brings stealth RPG action to Steam in February

Vampire jumping off a rooftop in Vampire The Masquerade Justice key art
Credit: Fast Travel Games

A few months after the Quest and PSVR 2 release of the game, Vampire: The Masquerade - Justice is finally releasing on Steam for PCVR on February 6, 2024. Despite some mixed reviews at launch, this title received plenty of praise for being a stealth action RPG title that blends the supernatural creatures with games like Dishonored.

With a Steam release coming up, that means Fast Travel Games' latest action-adventure will be on all of the best VR headsets. The announcement of the Steam release came from the company itself, with Fast Travel Games also sharing the news on social media, including Twitter.

For those unaware of Vampire: The Masquerade - Justice, you play as a vampire in the World of Darkness universe, who is out for revenge against those who assassinated their sire. As you explore the seedy backstreets of Venice, you'll gain new powers and abilities to help you against enemies, and hopefully, see another night too.

Since launch, the game has seen an average score of 66 from critics on the aggregate site Metacritic. However, it has certainly gained a cult following thanks to its focus on stealth, while many VR games have action-centric gameplay loops.

However, if you're anxious about parting with your money, especially in the case that you don't enjoy it, Fast Travel Games is offering free demos of the game on PSVR 2 and Quest, allowing you to play a portion of the opening hours of the game.

Personally, I've played a decent amount of the game on the Quest 3, and it seems like a great time for those looking to enjoy a stealth-focused game. Unfortunately, I still need to finish the game, but it's certainly been a fun experience, and makes me wish for more vampire games in VR.

Considering that Steam players are using Meta Quest 3, many of you may have played the game already. However, you should also pick up some of the best Meta Quest 3 accessories to make your play sessions even better. However, if you own another VR headset and have been eagerly waiting for Vampire's PCVR release, get your fangs ready for next month.

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