Valve allows AI sludge to flood the Steam Store after all

The steam keyart with brown sludge covering it to represent ai games

The steam keyart with brown sludge covering it to represent ai games

After months of fighting AI content in video games, Valve is giving up, allowing generated slop to flood Steam just like it did for low-tier asset flips, quick-cash porn games and other guff.

In a recent blog post, Valve revealed that it is now changing the rules once again to allow AI generated games on Steam. However, games must be labelled as including AI generated artwork, text and other assets. Of course, that will certainly be upheld as time goes on.

Valve announced that this change in policy “will enable us to release the vast majority of games that use [generative AI].” As studios such as Ubisoft aim to replace game writers with generative tools such as ChatGPT, more AAA games would otherwise be unable to be sold on Steam.

However, there are already games with AI assets in them that Valve has allowed on the Steam store. For example, the horrid Atomic Heart is currently available to purchase on the platform, despite having AI artwork in the game since launch.

Valve explains that AI games on Steam will have to make sure their generated assets are not “illegal or infringing”, especially as AI can now replicate entire frames from major motion pictures with simple prompts.

Furthermore, games that use “live AI”, such as allowing the user to talk to NPCs with live responses, will need to have extra precautions in place to protect against hate speech, bigotry and illegal content.

Previously, Valve banned AI games from the store over fears of copyright violations. However, as AI tools such as Midjourney, ChatGPT and more have yet to be regulated or successfully sued at the time of writing, the company doesn’t seem to care about limiting the sale of AI generated slop on its marketplace.

However, Valve has said that the allowance of AI games on Steam will be changed as it deems fit. Over time, the restrictions and rules surrounding the technology may be altered.

“[We will] continue to learn from the games being submitted to Steam, and the legal progress around AI, and will revisit this decision when necessary,” Valve announced.

Nevertheless, gamers have already spoken out in droves about the spread of AI content on Steam. People are already tired of seeing AI art flood their favourite subreddits, Twitter feeds and more, and the slew of AI slag isn’t stopping anytime soon.

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