Valheim players create massive RPG inside a private server - and it's free

Player looking at a monster in survival game Valheim
Credit: Coffee Stain Studios

Player looking at a monster in survival game Valheim
Credit: Coffee Stain Studios

While Valheim has been a fairly popular survival game following its release in early 2021, alongside the developer releasing various content updates since launch, there's only so much you can do within Valheim. However, two content creators have spent over 1,000 hours on creating their own RPG within Valheim, and it's completely free for you to play.

If you've managed to fix your Valheim latest version errors, or if you've recently bought a setup with the best graphics cards and best gaming monitor on the market, you may want a change from the standard Valheim affair. And, fortunately, this original RPG playable within Valheim should give you something new to do.

Two Valheim content creators, 9Byte and Dhakhar (via Jake Lucky), have worked tirelessly to create an original, and massive RPG using Valheim. Over 1,000 hours of hard work, the duo have created custom Points of Interest, original classes, boss arenas, and more. The duo used a variety of mods to make this happen, and players can now access their Discord server to access the RPG server in Valheim.

It's a massive feat to see a huge, game-changing server found within an existing game. There's a video to celebrate the release of the private server, following the development of the RPG, as well as the reason behind starting this impressive undertaking, as well as obstacles the team faced.

It's recommended to play the standard Valheim experience before diving into an original experience built inside the game. You'll be able to learn how the game works and the mechanics in place, but this original RPG will be an exciting change if you get bored of the standard survival experience after hours of facing the elements and monsters.

I hope to see the duo create more content for the RPG in the future, but even if it stays how it is, seeing something like this is breath taking, and we hope to see more original ideas like this in a variety of games.

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