US Senators infuriated by military for not taking aliens seriously

In science fiction, world governments usually have some form of plan for dealing with extra-terrestrial threats. If aliens are real and they come for us, how do we react? Well, according to a number of US Senators, if that scenario occurs, we are woefully unprepared.

US Senators are terrified of aliens

Reported by Politico, American senators are unhappy with the current level of preparation the military has against UFOs. With members of the Senate Intelligence and Armed Services committees gaining access to the latest batch of secret UFO briefings, a number of them believe not enough is being done.

One lawmaker, Sen. Kirsten Gillibran, expressed disappointment at the military’s handling of UFO activity. With unidentified highly advanced aircraft violating United States airspace boundaries, alien or otherwise, Gillibran believes national security is at risk.

“Senator Gillibrand believes that the DoD needs to take this issue much more seriously and get in motion,” explained an aide of the senator. “They have had ample time to implement these important provisions, and they need to show us that they are prepared to address this issue in the long-term.”

With UFO reports and footage coming out of the Pentagon in recent years, decades of conspiracy theories are being given credibility. However, there is no proof that the footage is extra-terrestrial in nature, even if its hard to explain with widely known technology.

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Rebranding UFO phenomena

With footage of UFOs now in the hands of US Senators, there has been pressure to push new terminology for the aerial phenomena. Instead of UFOs, people are expected to use the phrase UAP: unidentified aerial phenomena.

With the unexplainable footage, the use of UAP instead of UFO is designed to take away the alien connotations from UFO videos. Instead, these unidentified aerial vehicles are determined to be Russian or Chinese in nature. However, we still don't know where the technology comes from.

Nevertheless, US Senators are attempting to make sure that enough effort is being put into correctly identifying the vehicles. That's if they are vehicles in the first place.

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