Kadabra may return to the Pokémon Trading Card Game for the first time in 21 years

upcoming pokemon tcg set might finally bring back kadabra

upcoming pokemon tcg set might finally bring back kadabra

It looks like Kadabra might be coming back to the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) after being absent for more than 20 years. Originally cut from the beloved card game over legal stipulations with a famous magician, the card may finally be returning to Pokémon fans.

According to PokéBeach, distributor listings showed new expansion sets coming in June, one of which is called Pokémon Card 151. Naturally, Kadabra was in the original 151 Pokémon, so it would make plenty of sense to bring it back for this expansion.

Uri Geller, the magician who sued Pokémon in 2000 due to Kadabra supposedly copying his act of bending spoons, has hinted at this as well. Geller’s lawsuit against the corporation led to Kadabra not appearing in the TCG for more than 20 years. The magician changed his mind in 2020, even apologizing to Nintendo and its fans.

“Hi my dear friends. I am pleased Pokemon fans are excited to see Kadabra return to the card game. Look, I want to thank the Pokemon fans who reached out to me over the last [few] years. Including the ones from PokeBeach, who kept contacting me nonstop. So basically, it was you and my granddaughters that got me to change my mind,” Geller told PokéBeach. “Now we can all see Kadabra reunited with the original Pokemon in the card game this summer. I love you all. And I admit, totally open and honest. I was a fool. It was a devastating mistake for me to sue Pokemon. [Kadabra] was basically a tribute to Uri Geller. But it’s back now. Forgive me. I love you all. Much love and energy.”

The last time we saw Kadabra in the official TCG was in 2002’s Skyridge set. Needless to say, it’s going to be a big deal for fans when this Pokémon finally makes its return.

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Despite not being able to appear in the card game, Kadabra still had a presence in the various video games. Players have been able to catch Abra and evolve him to Kadabra in numerous games that came out after 2002, including the 3DS and Switch games.

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