Unused Wii U consoles are dying from this horrid error

Unused Wii U consoles are dying from this horrid error

Unused Wii U consoles are dying from this horrid error

The most underrated console Nintendo ever made, the WiiU may be in trouble. Bricked Wii U consoles are becoming a major issue as the unpopular games consoles go years without use.

Nintendo fans have started to report that a dangerous dreaded Wii U memory error 160-0103 is popping up on their console GamePads. The terrifying memory error is a death sentence for any console.

Via Exputer, multiple reports have recently started to circulate across gaming forums such as ResetEra and Reddit regarding the same Wii U memory error. This error seemingly arrives after years of the console going unused.

Wii U memory error 160-0103 is a NAND issue for the Nintendo console. This error means that the console’s internal NAND memory has become corrupted, but there is a way to fix it.

If you have a softmodded console, you may be able to save your bricked Wii U. Those who softmodded their consoles prior to the memory error had the option to backup their NAND, allowing them to restore it if they wish.

Unfortunately, normal consoles suffering from the NAND error are not able to be saved. While Nintendo could save a bricked Wii U, they no longer offer support for the long-discontinued console.

As consoles age, they typically suffer from issues. For example, the lasers in Original PlayStation and Sega Saturn consoles are known to fail after a couple of decades. However, more modern consoles are also suffering from major issues.

Sony’s PlayStation 3 console is known to suffer from one major issue that may stop it from working long into the future. Last year, it was reported that PS3 and PS4 consoles can suffer from a CBOMB issue, rendering a console useless if their CMOS batteries expire. While PS4 owners no longer have to worry, PS3 owners are still in the dust.

Nintendo may release a software patch to fix the bricked Wii U issues. However, with the company already gearing up to release the Nintendo Switch 2, we doubt any focus is going to be placed on the black sheep console.

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