Unrecord dev forced to release proof that realistic bodycam game is a real game

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Unrecord dev forced to release proof that realistic bodycam game is a real game walking in house

How much photorealism is too much? That’s the issue facing police bodycam FPS game Unrecord, a ultra-realistic looking police video game that is unnerving

In development by the DRAMA studio, Unrecord is a single-player FPS that will star as a protagonist, a tactical police officer. The entire game is seen from the perspective of his body camera, you will have to shoot your way through the levels but also use your detective skills to succeed.

DRAMA has released recently a preview video of their game and gamers have been apparently caught off guard. Many have been asking themselves if this was just an actual bodycam video and not really a game, or perhaps, a throwback to those FMV games of the 90s.

But that was not the case, as the developers themselves tweeted that they are not working on a FMV title, but just an average FPS with very realistic graphics and movements. Perhaps we should be getting accustomed to this level of photorealism with the release of Unreal Engine 5.

Indeed, it might be relatively easy today to create such a realistic looking map if one has access to high quality assets. The developer himself mentioned how he bought assets in the marketplace, as he is "a programmer and not an artist".


That's why some gamers on Twitter noticed how the UI does not look as good as the rest, since that was built from scratch and was not part of the assets. But that's really how relatively easy it is with UE5 to create new very realistic looking environments.

Perhaps we should prepare for a new wave of photorealistic looking games, but - as for us - we can only hope that developers do not forget the important of artistry when designing their levels and games, as that makes all the difference. I mean, who wants to play in a everyday boring real life?