Unmanned Vehicle filled with 50 Suicide Drones is the Army's latest toy

After Ghost Robotics’ terrifying Rifle-bearing Robot Dog took the internet by storm earlier this week, another monstrous piece of war tech has been unveiled. Created by General Dynamics Land Systems, this unmanned military vehicle is filled with 50 Suicide Drones for wartime destruction.

Reported by Warzone, the haunting unmanned vehicle weapon was unveiled at the annual Association of the U.S. Army’s convention. The unamed device is uses TRX tracks for its tank treads, allowing for better control in bumpy, sloped environments. However, that's not the most distressing thing.

Unmanned Vehicle filled with kamikaze drones

The unmanned vehicle is covered with large tubes designed to house “Suicide Drones”. 37 tubes are placed around the vehicle to house Switchblade 300 and 600 Drones. These Drones are described as “kamikaze” devices designed entirely to collide into targets and explode. A single tethered drone is also attached to the front for local surveillance.

Everything in the vehicle is designed to be operated remotely. Drones can be flown out to exact coordinates and even be aborted. However, AI programs also allow the devices to track individual targets before blowing them up.

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The US Army will experiment with the tech

According to The Warzone, the unmanned military vehicle will be used in field experiments in the near future. The American military will take four prototypes as part of a large-scale test before deciding if they want to keep using the devices.

This is part of the Army’s new initiative to build a fleet of remote-operated vehicles for war. Assisted by AI, the fleet of death machines is a terrifying reality for the future of robotics, artificial intelligence and vehicular development.

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