Unity 6 Game Engine aims to add ‘reasonably sourced’ AI tools

Unity Game Engine logo on a purple background

Unity Game Engine logo on a purple background

The Unity 6 game engine update will include a number of artificial intelligence tools to assist game development. After a number of controversies, the game engine is adding controversial AI tools into its development options.

Via GamesIndustry, Unity announced during its recent Unite event that the engine will be upgraded with more AI tools in its 6.0 update. The Unity 6 engine will also feature major performance improvements and faster multiplayer development.

The newly updated game engine primarily focuses on additions to its Muse AI tools. Firstly, Muse Sprite will allow developers to generate 2D sprites. Secondly, Muse Texture can be used to create in-game textures for games. Finally, Muse Chat will help answer queries relating to creating games in the Unity engine.

Alongside these existing tools, Unity 6 will incorporate additional Muse AI tools into the engine. These include Muse Animate, Muse Behaviour, and Muse Sketch. Additional AI tools may also be in the works for the engine.

With AI regulation still up in the air, president and general manager of Unity Create Marc Whitten promises that the company’s AI tools are “trained entirely on data and images that Unity owns or has licensed”.

“We are focused on managing our development of AI capabilities in a transparent and responsible manner," Whitten said. "Our approach is to think through how we can deliver tools that are easy for creators to use, responsibly sourced, and with output that creators can feel confident in using in their projects."

Unity’s introduction of AI tools have been fairly criticised with many small devs worrying how far the tools will be taken in the future. However, Whitten explains that creators don’t have to use any tools they don’t want to.

“Our goal is to keep the creator in control and in the centre of creativity,” Whitten said. “Just like our other tools like Speedtree, which uses procedural generation to build plants and vegetation, we expect Unity Muse to be another tool in an artist or developer's toolbelt."

Earlier this year, Unity was under fire for its plans to charge game developers every time someone installs their game. Eventually, the engine company reverted its plans, but the company has yet to regain trust from its users, even after apologies.

At the time of writing, the Unity game engine is free to use for developers.

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