United States military testing lock-on scope for modern firearms

Technology will always be used for warfare. In a year where militaries have utilized AI Sniper Rifles and event prediction, nothing is surprising anymore. With that said, the United States military is testing lock-on scopes for modern weaponry.

United States military creates lock on weapons

Reported by Task & Purpose, the Marine Corps and Navy officials are testing “an advanced fire system”. Created by Smart Shooter Ltd, the subtly named SMASH Fire Control System can be added to any modern firearm.

The SMASH Fire Control System is designed to be used against moving drones. Spokeswoman for Combat Development and Integration, Jessica Hanley, explained that the system can “target, track, and fire at the optimal point to eliminate small hostile drones.”

The systems work via a mounted optical scopes and a pistol grip. Marines can then lock onto targets and engage firing. This will tell the system to “automatically calculate the ballistic solution to the target”. However, “the round will not release until you have a 100% solution” for a hit. SMASH Fire Control System weighs 2.6 pounds with its 72-hour rechargeable battery pack.

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Apparently, it works

Smart Shooter claims that its in-testing product is moderately effective. Novice and experienced shooters were both able to hit moving targets on their first shot “80%” of the time. In comparison, those same shooters hit their first shot 20% of the time with traditional red dot sights.

However, auto-targeting technology comes with its own ethical quandaries. Should forces be allowed to wield weaponry that ensures loss of life? Furthermore, should that technology be provided unequally?

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