DMC-style FPS Ultrakill game adds buttplug support in a… surprising update

ultrakill game adds buttplug support the player reloads their gun with a sex toy

ultrakill game adds buttplug support the player reloads their gun with a sex toy

Ultrakill has garnered plenty of attention for being a stylish first-person shooter with skill-based scoring similar to Devil May Cry or Bayonetta. What fans didn’t expect to come is an official mod that not only adds Xbox controller support but also support.

That’s right, players can now use this fast-paced FPS to control their adult sex toy, if they please. Using haptics for supported plugs, the FPS game can send force-feedback where the sun doesn’t shine.

Fans of Ultrakill seem to be pleased with the news and it will be interesting to see if other popular games also allow controllers. (Come on, Call of Duty!) We doubt this will make a huge wave in the world of gaming but fans are happy and that’s what matters.

According to the official Ultrakill Twitter page, the devs decided to add support because “we know our fans.” To add even more humor to the situation, this is being called the “Sex Update” and “UKButt” by the Twitter page.

Despite how odd the news is, it’s hilarious to see a studio actually add buttplug support for an FPS game, of all things. Then again, this is a game that prides itself on being similar to FPS titles of old, which always relished in this type of immature humor.

Ultrakill is a game published by NewBlood, the same publisher behind Dusk, Amid Evil and more. Known as the current king of retro-FPS, perhaps the indie publisher could become the number one company for ass-assisted video games. New Blood: The Kings of Kegels.

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Currently, Ultrakill is only available through Steam via Eary Access. Right now, the shooter isn’t officially available, so players that want to try it out should expect a few bugs and inconsistencies. That’s what Steam Access is for, after all.

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