UK paramedics are being trained to use jetpacks in medical emergencies

While working jetpacks are far from the commercial success that companies wish they were, the technology does have its users. For starters, the military is starting to utilise the tech for very specific scenarios, and now even paramedics are getting involved.

Reported by the BBC, jetpacks are starting to become the hot new commodity for medical rescuers in the United Kingdom. But what are the benefits of strapping miniature jet engines to your body and taking to the skies?

Jetpacks for Paramedics

Jetpacks have been introduced to paramedics in the English Lake District of Cumbria. As medical emergencies ramp up in the summer — as they are want to do — rescuers are hoping to use the tech to save lives faster.

A member of Great North Air Ambulance has already finished jetpack training to use the tech unattended. While training sessions were supposed to occur last year, the coronavirus pandemic resulted in massive delays to the lessons.

The GNAA staff note that flying straight to injured civilians is far faster than other methods. For example, a once 30-minute rescue up a fell is now far faster. That once half-hour walk can be completed in a 90-second burst from the jet-powered suit.

"We're still awestruck by it, everyone looks at the wow factor and the fact we are the world's first jet suit paramedics,” said GNAA operations director Andy Mawson. “But for us it's about delivering patient care. When I started as a paramedic I never thought I'd be working with a helicopter, never mind this."

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Rescue tools of the future

Jetpacks are going to be a useful tool for Paramedics in the near future. However, while the technology speeds up fairly safe rescues, another technology is being used elsewhere for more dangerous situations.

Last week, the New York Fire Department revealed that they will be incorporating robot dogs into standard rescue procedures. Instead of blindly sending in firefighters to dangerous buildings, robot dogs will now search the building first for faults and gas leaks.

On the other hand, that same technology is being used for more ethically dangerous situations. Robot dogs have already been introduced to the United States/Mexico border. Additionally, the military has already created robot dogs with massive rifles strapped to their backs.

Nevertheless, jetpacks are cool, and hopefully the technology will help to save many lives.

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