Activision Blizzard games come to Ubisoft+, not just Xbox Cloud Gaming

ubisoft home to streaming activision blizzard games
Credit: Activision Blizzard/Ubisoft

ubisoft home to streaming activision blizzard games
Credit: Activision Blizzard/Ubisoft

Microsoft has officially purchased Activision Blizzard, turning the gaming world upside down and providing a myriad of exclusives for Xbox’s future. The acquisition isn’t just a big win for Microsoft, however, as Ubisoft+ will be one of the homes for streaming Activision Blizzard games.

In a lengthy article released by Ubisoft, the company’s SVP, Chris Early, discussed what will happen now that they partly own the rights to cloud gaming Activision Blizzard titles. Simply put, Ubisoft+ will be one of the premiere destinations for streaming some of Activision Blizzard’s biggest titles, including Call of Duty and Diablo.

“There was a bit of a discussion of what rights would be available, and once that was clear it was easy to see how that would allow us to add Activision Blizzard games to Ubisoft+ and bring even more value to our offering,” said Early. “It’s also content that might be new or different for our player base, so it allows a broader range of choice.”

While a date for streaming these titles wasn’t given, the company was firm in saying that all of the company’s games will be streamed on its platform. Ubisoft said that all of the games being distributed now and whatever is released in the next 15 years will be streamable on the Ubisoft+ service.

“The deal includes all the Activision Blizzard games that are being distributed today and includes all the games that Activision Blizzard will release over the next 15 years,” Early confirms. “That includes the Call of Duty franchise and a whole lot more. Yes, it does include all the DLC, including in-game content and downloadable DLC packs, expansions, and add-ons.”

The news is interesting since Ubisoft isn't exactly the most beloved company right now, due to previous issues. It doesn't help that five of their former executives were recently arrested for systemic sexual violence.

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Back in August, it was announced that Ubisoft would be the home to streaming Activision Blizzard titles. While Xbox Cloud Gaming will still have access to Call of Duty, Diablo, and the like, Ubisoft+ is the only other place where players can stream them. Ubisoft can also license out the cloud rights to other companies, should international issues complicate things.

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