Twitch viewers are disgusted by the sheer amount of ads Amazon is pushing

twitch viewers are disgusted a streaming setup

twitch viewers are disgusted a streaming setup

The internet is full of adverts these days, especially on media like YouTube videos. Twitch is also a culprit, with the streaming site being guilty of randomly inserting ads into their livestreams, but now fans have had enough.

A ResetEra thread title "Holy fuck, the ads on Twitch are insane" kicked off the discourse. User 'CharlesAznable' rarely used Twitch outside of official press events until recently.

"Yesterday, I watched a non press conference twitch stream for the first time and holy shit at the the stream being interrupted mid stream for 2 unskippable ads, and then this happened every 20 minutes. This was such a terrible experience. I already wasn't a fan of Twitch but this made me dislike it even more. Why do people use this site?"

Others in the thread feel the same. They find it hard to enjoy certain genres of fast-paced games, like fighting games, because Twitch swoops in and shows them a bunch of ads right when the action is getting good, causing them to miss key moments.

It seems this ad setup is causing stagnation on the platform, hindering discoverability of newer streamers.

"People sub to their favourite channels and barely move on Twitch nowadays due to ads," points out user 'Brazil' in the thread.

In fact, as far back as last summer a Reddit user reported getting a 30 minute ad on a 10 minute Twitch VOD, so this is not a new phenomena.

This comes as more and more streamers are unhappy with Twitch's ever-more strict guidelines and the feeling that progress and compensation at the site is lacking.

Meanwhile, YouTube is making their offering more enticing by making it blatantly obvious when someone goes live by bumping their channel in user feeds.

Things are definitely coming to a head in the streaming community, and over the next six months we're likely to see things play out in a big way if Twitch maintains its current course.

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