Tribes 3: Rivals gameplay footage shared online before official announcement

The Tribes 3: Rivals logo on top of gameplay of the FPS multiplayer game
Credit: FixiousMaximus (YouTube)

The Tribes 3: Rivals logo on top of gameplay of the FPS multiplayer game
Credit: FixiousMaximus (YouTube)

An all-new game in the Tribes series is seemingly coming sometime soon as footage of the unannounced game has made its way onto social media.

Dubbed Tribes 3: Rivals, the underrated FPS multiplayer series has yet to be officially revealed. However, multiple videos of the game’s multiplayer scenarios have been shared online, allegedly teasing a public playtest in the near future.

Originally shared on the Tribes Discord server, which were shared to gaming forum ResetEra, the gameplay videos show 5v5 gameplay across multiple maps. The videos show a snow biome and a desert biome in a Capture the Flag mode as well as showing multiple weapons players can wield.

A public playtest for Tribes 3: Rivals will take place across the 29th and 30th of November. The playtest will let streamers and YouTubers record and share footage of the FPS game to their audiences if they care to.

Via Eurogamer, Tribes 3: Rivals is being developed by Prophecy Games, but much of the team from Tribes: Ascend from Hi-Rez Studios are also working on the new sequel.

“A lot of the core team from [Tribes: Ascend] is still involved in the development for this new Tribes game, especially on the maps and physics side," the game’s community manager explained.

While Tribes 3 has yet to be officially announced, the game is weirdly very public. The title has been added to Steam’s backend, it’s been publicly discussed by developers on Discord, and gameplay videos can already be seen on YouTube. All that’s missing is an actual announcement for the new FPS game.

Of course, without any official word on the game’s existence, there isn’t currently a release date for Tribes 3: Rivals at the time of publication. It’s all very bizarre, but also very invigorating for us journalists.

The last game in the series, Tribes: Ascend, was a free-to-play title that’s since been closed down. However, there’s no news on whether or not Tribes 3: Rivals will be released as a free-to-play game.

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