Treasure Tails: LEAKED images from cancelled Sonic spinoff for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive

Pitches aren’t just to book publishers or movie studios; they’re also to game developers and publishers as well. STI or the Sega Technology Institute were in the midsts of planning out Sonic 3, its most ambitious Sonic game yet.

But you can never keep a creative person down, and there were pitches abound for Sonic spin-offs that featured the character, or even his sidekicks.

One pitch that was being thought about involved Tails, Sonic’s sidekick.

Here’s what the game could have been, and why it didn’t reach a stage of development.

88 Miles Prower

Called ‘Treasure Tails’, it would have required the player to control Tails through a wide variety of puzzles at an isometric viewpoint. It was pitched back in February of 1993, just when STI was in the midsts of planning what the sequel to Sonic 2 would be.

There’s a confusion as to who pitched it, either Craig Stitt or someone else who worked there at the time, but images exist, which have only recently been unearthed, showing Tails in levels which are reminiscent of ‘Labyrinth Zone’ and ‘Marble Zone’ from the first Sonic game.

Thanks to SEGABits, the images give a great idea of what could have been, but there’s not much else to go on, only that it was forgotten about for 25 years until it was unearthed from a VHS tape.

But this is a game that’s now relegated to ‘what could have been’, such as Sonic X-treme, Sonic MARS and many others.

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Treasure Tails leaked images

Take a look at the pictures here...

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