Too good to be true? Huge PS5 rumours predict new Silent Hill game, Metal Gear Solid collection, exclusive Fortnite gear, God Of War 2, Days Gone 2 and more

As the rumour mill continues to suggest that another PS5 live-stream event could be in the pipeline, we're now starting to see some HUGE predictions about what could be announced in the stream.

Respected website NotebookCheck and prolific leaker Robert Serrano have both shared some rumours that originated on 4chan, although both of those sources did describe the leak as 'unproven'. As ever with these sorts of things, you should take this latest wave of PS5 rumours with a huge pinch of salt.

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While we wait for the chance to grab a DualSense controller for ourselves, though, it is quite fun to look at these rumours...

What do the PS5 rumours say?

Take a look at the embedded Tweet below and you'll see that this particular 4chan user has gone all out with the massive predictions.

According to these posts, a trailer for a new Silent Hill game will be shared during the next PS5 event, alongside confirmation that God Of War 2 is on the way. And apparently a Metal Gear Solid collection for PS5 will be revealed as well.

Given that the director of the previous God Of War game recently shut down some of the rumours surrounding his next project, it's hard to put much stock in these rumours. But, of course, you never know what's true until something actually happens.

Other possibilities mentioned in this leak include Days Gone 2 being announced, some PlayStation-tinged Fortnite skins being revealed, and a game called Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry being unveiled.

Given that the upcoming Harry Potter game is owned by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, a company which is rumoured to be in talks with Microsoft right now about a potential takeover, once again we have reason to doubt this particular leak.

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When will we find out if the PS5 leaks accurate?

Rumours had previously suggested that the next PS5 event would occur on the 6th of August at 9pm BST. However, since then, Sony has revealed that it is hosting a music-focused live stream on that particular day.

As it stands, then, Sony has NOT confirmed when its next PS5 live stream will be taking place. We'll be sure to let you know as soon as we find out, though.

Until then, we'll keep hoping that there is some truth to these rumours. After all, who wouldn't want a bunch more PS5 games to be confirmed? Anything to keep the hype alive is welcome right now, although you could argue that the PS5 price and PS5 release date are more pressing concerns...

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