Todd Howard is so confident you’ll replay Starfield, they added NG+

todd howard's face in starfield after they add new game plus

todd howard's face in starfield after they add new game plus

Starfield is going to be out sooner than Todd Howard can dry his luscious locks, and it's going to feature Bethesda's first ever official new game plus mode.

This was confirmed by Howard himself an an interview with GQ's Sam White, who documents his meeting with the Bethesda exec and time with the game in a (excellent) feature story.

Unfortunately, we don't know any more information apart from that because Howard didn't share the details, but it will be the first time Bethesda has ever included a fully official new game plus mode in one of its games.

There have, of course, been new game plus mods for games like Fallout 4 created by modders, but this is a step in a new direction for the Maryland studio, showing that this is one game that they anticipate we'll want to keep playing over and over - maybe because they're certain the story is going to resonate with people.

"We're tackling some pretty big themes that your average shooter probably doesn't get into. It’s really affected me personally,” Howard told GQ.

Starfield is Bethesda's first original series in over 25 years, so a lot is riding on this release. Do they still have the chops to create a universe and its lore from scratch?

We'll find out soon.

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