TMNT: The Last Ronin is being adapted into a gritty, God of War style game

An image of Mickey in TMNT: The Last Ronin

A new dark take on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is just around the corner with TMNT: The Last Ronin. An adaptation of the comic of the same name, the new turtle power adventure will be heavily inspired by PlayStation’s God of War.

Revealed in a report by Polygon, the new game will be a “darker, more mature” take on the classic franchise. Similar to the series’ comic book origins, the game will not shy away from the original story’s darkness.

TMNT: The Last Origin takes place in a future New York City. The story focuses on the last surviving member of the Turtle Team, Michelangelo, as he attempts to avenge his fallen brothers.

Doug Rosen, SVP for games and emerging media at Paramount Global, claims the upcoming video game will be an accurate adaptation the original story. Focusing almost entirely on the lone surviving turtle, the game will be a third-person narrative action game, just like Sony’s exclusive.

In the comic, Michelangelo is able to use all four of the turtles’ signature weapons. Donatello’s staff, Leonardo’s sword, Raffael’s Sao and his own nunchucks. This means that you won’t be stuck with just one weapon across the entire story.

While TMNT: The Last Ronin might be the next game in the series to release, it won’t be the only one. According to the report, Paramount is looking to create multiple games for a variety of different age brackets.

“[We’re making] multiple approaches [to the franchise], and not dial back to make the game something it shouldn’t be,” said Rosen.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin is set to release in the next couple of years on modern consoles and PC. By then, an all-new TMNT movie will also be out, ushering in a new generation of Turtles fans.

The last TMNT game to release on modern consoles was Shredder’s Revenge, a four-player beat-em-up. Critically acclaimed, the game is proof that a Turtles renaissance is just over the horizon.

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