You can now watch TikTok in virtual reality, if you want that

The TikTok VR Pico 4 app

The TikTok VR Pico 4 app

Do you know what’s better than playing hours of PowerWash Simulator VR? TikTok. With the new TikTok VR app, you can be sucked into ByteDance’s algorithm not just on the black mirror in your pocket, but now in the Pico 4 VR headset.

Now that the social media juggernaut owns Pico VR, ByteDance has brought the Android TikTok app over to its newly-owned VR platform. If you’ve ever wanted to engross yourself in the platform’s short form content, now is the time.

The new TikTok VR app is the standard Android app placed in a virtual space. It’s the exact same: it’s vertically scaled with all the buttons where they should be. There’s only one difference, it’s in virtual reality.

To control the Pico 4 TikTok app, you can hold the controller triggers and move the device to swipe up and down. If that’s too much, you can use the thumb sticks to swap videos. All other controls can be done by facing your controller at the video and pressing the buttons you need.

In the past, the Pico VR headsets have seen some TikTok integration, but nothing to this scale. For example, you could already upload your recorded gameplay clips directly to the video-based social media platform, but without the editing tools you’d expect from the service. Furthermore, account management was not included, meaning you couldn’t see your likes, comments and more.

While this isn’t the best way to engage with the TikTok platform — after all, who wears a VR headset on the toilet? — it’s still a novel way to engage with ByteDance’s incredibly addictive algorithm. No, Hank Green, I didn’t know about the benefits of steam-based energy. Thank you for explaining it to me in such a condensed, vertically-oriented form.

The TikTok Pico VR App is available right now on compatible headsets.

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