Tiger Blade is the VR Time Crisis we’ve been craving

tiger blade vr time crisis game
Credit: Ikimasho

tiger blade vr time crisis game
Credit: Ikimasho

VR fans have been wanting a Time Crisis-style softgun game for some time and it looks like Tiger Blade might be able to scratch that itch. Already available on PSVR2, this action-packed VR game will be coming to Quest soon and has the potential to be a fan-favorite game.

The devs at Ikimasho posted a slick trailer on the Oculus Quest subreddit, showing some fun action. Gamers with a Quest headset won’t have to wait too long either, as the shooter is coming to Oculus systems this month. No official release date was given but fans of arcade games have something to look forward to.

Inspired by Time Crisis and Korean action films, Tiger Blade is looking to excite fans with its interesting mix of sword and gunplay. VR controls should make this game a lot more immersive than it would be on normal consoles. While gameplay is on the simple side, the devs don’t seem to be hiding away from that, so fans who know what to expect should have a good time.

Fans are still arguing for more in-depth VR games, though that doesn’t mean simpler titles don’t have a place in that ecosystem. Granted, there are more simple games than in-depth ones in the VR spectrum, but that can always change in the next couple of years.

Although it won’t be beating Half-Life: Alyx in terms of content, Tiger Blade being more arcade-like does lend itself to more replay value. Much like Time Crisis or House of the Dead, players can try to get higher scores and challenge themselves with harder difficulties. It’s not going to change the landscape, but for simpler VR games, this might hit the spot for players.

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No release date was given for the Oculus Quest version of Tiger Blade, but there are plans to launch the game this month. PSVR 2 fans can pick the game up now and see what they have been missing out on.

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