Tig Ol' Bitties show up at a Super Mario screening in Northern Ireland

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Tig O'l bitties show up at a Super Mario screening in Northern Ireland Shocked Marios at the cinema

An "indecent image" showed up during a recent screening of the Super Mario Bros movie in Northern Ireland last weekend. Police are investigating the incident which happened at the Londonderry Waterside Theatre while the place was filled with children.

According to a BBC report, the incident took place while the children were visiting the cinema as part of a summer scheme. An image of a partially undressed woman appeared for several seconds on screen, during the screening of the Super Mario Bros movie.

The theatre has described the incident as "unfortunate but serious" and it is investigating what happened, along with collaborating with the authorities to identify the culprit. They also apologized for the unfortunate event.

The parents were informed right away about what happened and DUP assembly member Gary Middleton also called for more investigations on the matter. He commented about the needs of an investigation, in particular about the equipment used in this particular matter.

The Super Mario Bros movie has definitely been the center of attention in the last few months, from pirate screenings on Argentinian TV, along with Nintendo changing the name of Mario 40 year-old-boss.

Still, in this case, someone definitely used the movie for quite the unfortunate little prank. We can only hope the projectionist did not fall victim of boredom because we are fully aware that, as Tyler Durden would say it is a job that "affords interesting opportunities".

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