Those fake mobile games are now real and you can play them

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Those fake mobile games are now real and you can play them Lily's garden grandma

Have you seen any of those weird ads for mobile games? They show some quite interesting games, but then you download them and… they’re completely different and filled with ads. Luckily D3 Publishing has heard your cries of despair and have come to the rescue. Now you can finally play those fake mobile games, thanks to a quite recent Switch collection of minigames. Only ten bucks stand between you and eternal happiness.

With the attractive title of YEAH! YOU WANT "THOSE GAMES," RIGHT? SO HERE YOU GO! NOW, LET'S SEE YOU CLEAR THEM! (yes), the compilation promises to bring the public what they’ve always wanted. Those classic minigames you might have seen on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram andTwitter but never got to play are now 100% real

This time, the compilation (which we will call “YEAH!”) brings you exactly what you want. Minigames such as save the dog to collect the treasure, eat people with numbers higher than you to level up, grab the money to get to the finish line rich and get your car out of a parking lot in a traffic jam. You know, “those games”.

The compilation is also available on Steam, and is developed by Monkeycraft, developers of Katamari Damacy Reroll. Reviews seem to be, for the moment, positive, even though some lament the lack of mouse support as these games seem to be made mostly for touchscreen. Also, for $10, don’t expect anything more than a compilation of five simple minigames. I mean, why would you want anything else, right?

YEAH! might be a way to distract you from being disgusted by the sheer amount of ads on Twitch. As for us, we can only hope someone doesn’t get in their minds the idea to actually make a sexually charged version of Farmville. Much like those ads for gardening game Lily’s Garden have been showing. This madness has to stop somewhere.

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