This not-LEGO build will teach you how to build an RGB gaming PC

The Pantasy X IGAME gaming desktop build
Credit: Pantasy

The Pantasy X IGAME gaming desktop build
Credit: Pantasy


  • This not-LEGO build from Pantasy will let you create an RGB gaming PC for less than $100
  • Unfortunately, it doesn't work. But it simulates a real PC building experience for a fun evening or a test run
  • Pre-orders are open now on the Pantasy website

Building a PC can be a daunting task, especially the first-time and especially if you're using some very expensive components. Graphics cards aren't cheap nowadays. However, if you don't want to settle for a pre-built, and need something for a test run, then this not-LEGO brick PC might be a good opportunity.

As spotted by The Verge, Pantasy, a company that makes plenty of builds that look eerily similar to the iconic LEGO toy, has unveiled a new set called the Pantasy X IGAME Desktop, a collectible PC build that won't give you the best graphics card and can't be attached to the best gaming monitors, but it certainly looks cool.

Available for pre-order at the price of $89.99 on the Pantasy website, which is a lot cheaper than building a VR-ready PC for real, you can expect to spend around 3-4 hours perfectly building your PC. It includes a metallic-painted graphics card, RAM sticks, and more, simulating the real build without the anxiety of breaking your $1000+ GPU.

Someone installing a motherboard inside the Pantasy IGAME gaming desktop
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Credit: Pantasy

Even if you already have a PC, and if you're like me and constantly want to build a new setup due to FOMO, this could be a great little gift to yourself. I've never heard of Pantasy before, but the reviews for the company seem pretty decent across the board, and I might have to pick one of these up to avoid spending absurd amounts of money on a new setup that I definitely don't need. It could even beat some of the options in our best gaming PC under $500 list. At least, when it comes to the design.

Regardless, LEGO is expensive and this little set seems like a great time-waster for an evening, and would make for a nice display unit on your best gaming desk after you've finished it. You could even trick people into thinking it's your new Mini PC, and watch them act in confusion when it doesn't work, which is something I will definitely be doing.

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