This exciting keyboard will set you back over $400 - but I kind of want it

KNOB1 keyboard from Work Louder with the screen on
Credit: Work Louder

KNOB1 keyboard from Work Louder with the screen on
Credit: Work Louder


  • Work Louder has revealed the KNOB1, a low-profile mechanical keyboard with a lot of style
  • It comes with a full colour 100x310px screen with an built-in timer, two knobs, and magnetic risers, housed in an aluminium shell
  • The KNOB is now available for pre-order in seven layouts, but it will set you back over $400 to purchase one

Keyboards can be a pricey investment. Sure, there are plenty of budget-friendly keebs out there that can deliver a decent enough typing experience, but if you want premium feel and features, expect to pay a bomb. That's where Work Louder comes in, setting a pretty high bar for a mechanical keyboard, at least, when it comes to price.

The best mechanical keyboards is a list filled with great options, and Work Louder's latest attempt is on the higher end. Called the KNOB, or KNOB1, it may sound hilarious to those living in the UK, but it's anything but a joke. Delivering a low-profile keeb with two knobs and a 100x310px full-colour screen, the KNOB will set you back $439, which is certainly a high investment.

It's clear that this keyboard isn't trying to secure a place on the best gaming keyboards, but rather, a premium option for creators to pick up. The low-profile will make it easier to type on for long writing sessions, but for those looking to pair the keyboard with the nicest switches, well, it's hot-swappable with regular MX stems. However, Work Louder still suggests it will be good for work and gaming.

The features don't stop at the knobs or the screen though, as the KNOB can be used wired with USB-C or via Bluetooth, sporting a 2100mah battery. I'm a bit concerned with the battery life if the screen can be used with Bluetooth, as well as any potential latency. However, I use keyboards in wired mode 99% of the time, so it's not a huge problem for me personally. The KNOB also features magnetic tilt risers for quick installation, but I'm worried that I'd lose them easily, so I'd probably keep them on.

While the keyboard certainly looks nice, I'm not sure why it costs over $400. Sure, the screen looks like a sweet addition and I'm sure I'll use it if I ever picked the KNOB up - but I'm aware it's mostly a novelty for most people.
The design of the keyboard, from the aluminium shell to the general style looks great and well-built from the concept, but it's a pricey investment that we'd need more details on.

If you're hoping to pick up a KNOB, you can pre-order it from the Work Louder website. It's available in seven layouts, from US and UK English to Spanish, for $439.

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