This adorable game where you play as a Pomeranian is called... Doronko Wanko

Pomeranian making a mess in Doronko Wanko press image
Credit: Phoenixx Inc.

Pomeranian making a mess in Doronko Wanko press image
Credit: Phoenixx Inc.

The idea of a Goat Simulator-like game where you play as a cute Pomeranian making a mess, stripping the uncanny graphics for an adorable art style sounds like a great experience. And from the trailer, it certainly looks like a fun game, but the English name is a bit unfortunate, with the game being called... Doronko Wanko.

Currently set for a PC release later this month, and being developed by Bandai Namco, this dirty game will put you into the paws of a Pomeranian in all of its cute glory, as you make a mess in your owner's home. Fortunately, when we say dirty, we don't mean that you'll have to private the Steam game like your smutty titles, so don't panic.

During each level, you'll have to cause as much damage to your owner's property as possible, but even the description of the game tells you not to worry about consequences, stating "Don't worry, [because] you are a sweet doggie". And the recent trailer may be short, but it does a wonderful job at giving us a taste of what Doronko Wanko aims to bring.

In the game, you'll have to find puddles of mud to rub yourself into, before splashing the mud stuck to yourself all around the household. There's also the chance to find the 'Hidden Pome', which will grant you access to the hidden 'Good Smell Room', which I suppose will be a nice little find when you play the game at launch.

Of course, for those British readers of ours, the latter half of the title (that being Wanko) has some dirty connotations, one that doesn't fit the cute aesthetics that the game is aiming to bring. Well, of course, you could always call the dog a little w*nker due to the chaos he brings, but thankfully, the dog won't be doing what you think it will be doing.

According to the thumbnail for the trailer and Gematsu, the game will be free to play, and considering how adorable it appears to be, we're excited to give it a play. At least it will be a good palette cleanser for after we finish Dragon's Dogma 2.

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