The Zeebo, an awful 2000s-era Brazillian console, is getting a full emulator

the zeebo is getting a full emulator

the zeebo is getting a full emulator

The Zeebo is an infamous console for good reason: it wasn’t very good. However, that hasn’t stopped this fan from attempting to properly emulate the console so that everyone can play its (mostly) bad games.

A developer going by the alias Tuxality showed off their emulator for this obscure console, though it’s still being worked on. Called Infuse, the emulator is expected to play every game in this system’s life, though it can only play a couple of titles right now.

In the video below, Tuxality confirms that only a couple of games work on the emulator right now. Even some of the games that work have issues, with various graphical issues and other problems.

Still, it is amusing seeing the Zeebo version of Crash Nitro Kart 3D attempting to run on the emulator. Unfortunately, that title has a lot of graphical issues right now. The only game Tuxality got to run properly was Family Fun Pack, which isn’t the most exciting of titles.

For those unfamiliar with the console, the Zeebo was released in 2009 as a digital-only console. The decision to make this console digital-only was so it would be harder to pirate since games can only be purchased on this platform. It was only released in Brazil and Mexico, as this was supposed to be a cheaper gaming system for those that couldn’t afford other systems.

Due to this game being a cheaper alternative, it was home to mobile versions of more popular games. Infamously, the mobile version of Resident Evil 4 was in this console and it’s often named the worst port of this classic.

Even with all those things against it, video game preservation is important and we can’t wait to see more from this emulator. Plus, the Zeebo is home to a fantastic version of Double Dragon and that still hasn’t been re-released.

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The Zeebo emulator still isn’t readily available as Tuxality works on its kinks.

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