The Sims 4 announces partnership with Winnie Harlow, adds free Vilitgo skin options

the sims 4 free dlc viltigo winnie harlow
Credit: EA

the sims 4 free dlc viltigo winnie harlow
Credit: EA

The Sims 4 is getting a new DLC pack that not only adds a Canadian supermodel to the game but also adds Vitiligo skin for custom characters. It’s a great update that will make people with this skin type feel more inclusive and we hope EA has plans to add more DLC like this.

EA has announced that the Vilitgo skin condition is now available for all of your custom Sims in the game. Canadian supermodel Winnie Harlow will also be added to the game, complete with a “simified” version of her Hollywood home.

“It’s magical to see The Sims 4 team introduce this new Vitiligo feature,” Winnie said. “As a child, I spent a lot of time playing The Sims and I think it’s so beautiful to be able to represent your true self in-game. This partnership is a powerful statement encouraging players to embrace what makes them unique – both in-game and in real life.”

For those unaware, Vitiligo is a skin condition where white patches start appearing in your body. This is usually due to a lack of melanin and it’s something a lot of people have to live with. We rarely see this skin condition in video games, so this is a very good move for The Sims 4.

EA adds Viltigo skin options in The Sims 4
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Credit: EA

EA is also taking the DLC seriously, as players can’t just change the color of their Vilitgo to whatever they like. While players can change the Vilitgo pattern of their character, being able to choose the color might have led to some wackiness we’d rather not comment on. Luckily, having the Viltigo skin in the game doesn’t mean any negative effects during gameplay, much like the birthmark feature.

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Despite being a fairly old game, EA continues to support The Sims 4 with these random DLC packs. Recently, the company added DLC like Castle Estate and the Horse Ranch. Players can download these DLC packs now wherever the game is available.

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