Cheating players continue to hold The Finals hostage

The Finals
Credit: Screen Rant

The Finals
Credit: Screen Rant

The Finals continues to struggle with cheating players, which is causing a rapidly increasing level of frustration among the player base in a game that has otherwise been met with overwhelmingly positive feedback. While the rise in the Embark Studios' title has been meteoric, the beta encountered numerous cheaters, which threatened the overall integrity of its ranked experience.

Despite the game's frenetic pace, destructive gameplay, and innovative elements, the discussions on social media platforms have shifted to the widespread issue of cheaters. Players complain about their gaming experiences being spoiled by individuals exploiting cheats, particularly in the game's Ranked modes.

One particular Reddit user, Nieoh, has sparked a wave of discussion on the subject by exposing a cheater through a demo reel. The footage showcases the cheater using an aimbot to secure eliminations, even shooting bullets into the sky without hitting anyone. According to Nieoh, the cheater advertised rank boosts at $5 per game, highlighting how some unscrupulous individuals exploit the game's popularity for financial gain. The trend is increasing, with players noting encounters with more cheaters since reaching high ranks.

As reported by MP1st, Embark Studios has acknowledged the problem, ensuring players it is actively working on a solution. Technical issues have been cited as a roadblock to address the wave of cheaters. However, the studio is optimistic about resolving the issue to create a smooth, safe, and fair gaming environment.

The frequency of cheaters in The Finals contributes to the degradation of the ranked experience, according to some players in the community. As one of the standout competitive multiplayer games of 2023, The Finals' reputation is at risk if the cheating problem persists. Embark Studios' commitment to addressing the cheating issue is crucial for maintaining the trust and engagement of The Finals' growing player base. As the developer works towards a fix, the community remains vigilant, hoping for swift and effective actions against those threatening the fair play essential for the game's continued success.

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